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        2. Service Hotline:+86-21-58883649

          Company profile

          Founded in 2003, Reijay Hydraulic & Transmission Tech Co., Ltd is a company of manufacturing and export of mechanical power transmission unit accessories, hydraulic unit accessories, heat exchange products (oil heating and cooling equipment), automation devices, and it also provides relevant technical supports and service. We also serve the clients with design, assembly, remolding and maintenance of industrial automation components (pneumatic, hydraulic, PLC), industrial intelligent system, hydraulic power units and drive sections.



          Year 2003 SHANGHAI REIJAY HYDRAULIC TRANSMISSION TECH CO.,LTD established, which is in charge of sales/technology/after-sales support service,and has own managment. Year 2006 Specialized China department set up in Germany, which is aimed at strengthening China market service; Year 2011 Changsha, Shenyang, chongqin office seted up, focusing on local customer service Year 2014 SHANGHAI REIJAY HYDRAULIC&TRANSMISSION own several brands for different industry, and confirm that "REIJAY" and "R+J" special for China-Made, which are also adapted for European market.



          Excellent ---We promise to manufacture good quality and high performance products with innovated technology applied in . Clients like cost effective products, and so do we. Professional--- Our staff are all well-trained and self-disciplined. We all believe good products come from professionalism, both in its’people and products. Efficient--- Efficiency is time, and time is money. We take every order seriously,. a quick response from inquiry answering to delivery, to necessary urgency response are the essential to clients gathering. Sustainable---We aim to building relationships with clients in a long term way, make them as our good friends, partners and even families.



          STRONG YEAR 2010 Excellent Suppliers YUCHAI GROUP YEAR 2011 Qualified Supplier


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          Video Center

          Reijay advantage

          Excellent Quality

          Products are tested of dynamic simulation analysis,motion,concussion, etc.

          Technological Innovation

          We can complete structural analysis,thermodynamic analysis,etc.

          Speciality Innovation

          We get support from Germany and the United States research departments during our Independent development.

          Successful case

          SANY GROUP

          Excavator hydraulic system full supply


          Rexroth (Changzhou)

          Hydraulic system full supply


          Application domain

          Applicate into global construction

          connect internal combusion engine and hydraulic pump,torque transmisson


          Primary Domain

          Mining Machinery, Rail Transit, Ocean Platform


          Service Hotline:


          24 hours a day to consult the hotline, but also through the micro channel plus we are friends

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